Summary of Fees/Prices 

It can be very frustrating trying to find out how much a new activity is going to cost. Some martial arts Clubs are extremely aggressive in advertising, but are often reluctant to disclose what their fees are. At Calderdale Family Karate we are completely transparent about our pricing structure and recognise that people need to know how much things will cost. The following therefore summarises the current fees and prices set by the Club:

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Lesson Fees

One person - £5.00 

Two people from the same family - £9.00

Three people from the same family - £13.00

Four people from the same family - £16.00

Five people from the same family - £20.00

The above fees are for member who pay as they train.

The following link is to discounted monthly rates applied for single, or multiple weekly lessons

Monthly Lesson Fees

TSD Belt System.png

Grading Test Fees

Tag Grade - £5.00 per person

Belt Grade - £10 per person

1st Dan Black Belt - £75.00

2nd Dan Black Belt - £50.00

3rd Dan Black Belt - £50.00

4th - 6th Dan Black Belt - £80.00

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Membership Fees

First (initial membership - £15.00 

Renewal membership - £8.00


Membership is paid annually and includes insurance


Uniform (Do-bok) Costs

Child uniforms - £10.00

Adult uniforms - £10.00

Green/Red Trim uniforms - £15.00

Child Black Belt (midnight blue trim)  - £35.00

Adult Black Belt (midnight blue trim)  - £45.00

Lesson fees are available on a "pay as you train" or monthly payment basis. We also offer discounts for family members training together. Due to our Corona Virus Policy, we can no longer accept cash payment. All fees are therefore made electronically via; contact-less card payment, or bank transfer/standing order. We do not operate any payment contracts.

The Club holds grading tests on a quarterly basis. These give students who are training regularly the opportunity to gain promotion to the next grade, or belt. The tests are not compulsory, and students will be advised by the instructor around three weeks in advance if they are eligible to test. Students who pass the test will be awarded with their next grade, and where appropriate, a new belt.

Our membership fee is very competitive and includes registration with the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). Membership includes member to member and personal accident insurance (further details of the policy are available in the Club Rules section of the website. Initial membership (£15) is requested after the fourth training session, and includes a license book issued by the BMABA.

Uniforms are provided by the Club at cost price. Students are also welcome to provide their own uniform if they wish, provided that it is similar in style to those used by the Club.