Syllabus 10th Gup (White Belt) to 7th Dan ( Black Belt)


The  link below provides details of the syllabus and example test requirements for each individual grade. Graduations/gradings are held once every three months in Calderdale. Students who demonstrate that they can meet the requirements of the grading syllabus will be invited to test for their next respective Gup/Dan level. Junior grades will normally be permitted to test once every three-months. Dan grades will wait a minimum of two-years (1st to 2nd Dan) between tests. Students who do not train regularly will not be permitted to grade.

 Please click on the link below, and scroll through the PDF document to the required syllabus.

10th Gup to 7th Dan Syllabus



Grading/Graduation Dates


Test dates are subject change depending upon the current Corona Virus restrictions. Until further notice the Club will conduct small group gradings and use a revised test syllabus. Students must be able to demonstrate ability against the relevant test requirements for each level. Current membership must be in place in order to be eligible for testing.