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5th Dan - 6th Dan Test Syllabus

General Requirements

Minimum of 23 years Tang Soo Do training experience

Good moral character

Strong leadership and ability to inspire others

Promoting the art to a wide audience

Instructing own classes

Enforcing and embedding the club rules

Extensive knowledge and understanding about the art

Knowledge and Understanding

Detailed knowledge about the art

Hyung (Forms/Patterns)

Sei Shan

Wang Shu


O Sip Sa Bo

Kong Sang Koon So

Woon Shu

Jin Toi

So Jin Cho Dan

Chil Sung Yuk Ro

One Step Fighting (Il Soo Sik)

Demonstration of one step number nine to eighteen

Free one-step

Self Defence (Ho Sin Sul)

Demonstration of knowledge by instructing others


Free sparring against a partner

Breaking (Kyok Pa)

Two separate boards - as part of demonstration Hyung


Conduct grading test

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