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SBN Sadie Greenwood 5th Dan Black Belt

Sa Bom Nim Sadie Greenwood started her Tang Soo Do training in 1990 and her first class was with SBN Martyn Greenwood. She received her 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan promotions from Grand Master Lee.


She achieved 4th Dan Black Belt (Master status) in 2015, followed by promotion to 5th Dan in December 2019. She has been instructing with Calderdale Family Karate since its formation in 2012. 

SBN Greenwood has enjoyed success at several national competitions and still competes.  


She is a graduate of Leeds and Salford University and has an MSc. She is also first aid trained.


Mr Iain Bowen 3rd Dan Black Belt

Kyo Sa Nim Bowen started his Tang Soo Do training in 2011 with SBN Martyn Greenwood. He, and his son are both original members of Calderdale Family Karate and have supported the Club since its beginning. Mr Bowen attained his 3rd Dan Black Belt in 2020 and also has experience of other martial arts. Mr Bowen has several high level qualifications in Mathematics, Business and Computer Science. Mr Bowen and his son are a real asset to the Club and help out extensively with running the classes. Both are seasoned Tang Soo Do competitors and have enjoyed success at several national tournaments.

Mrs Claire Beverley 2nd Dan Black Belt

Kyo Sa Nim Beverley started her Tang Soo Do training in 2014 with SBN Martyn Greenwood. She started training around a year after her son started and since then, both have been avid supporters of the Club. Mrs Beverley has has lots of experience of working with younger people via local Cub Scout groups. Mrs Beverley and her son are seasoned Tang Soo Do competitors and have enjoyed success at several national tournaments.

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