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Policies & Rules

Correct etiquette, respect, and discipline are all fundamental to practicing any traditional martial art. The Calderdale Family Karate policies and rules therefore seek to promote these values.


The rules are also needed to comply with legislation and maintain base level standards. These are both important in providing a safe environment for people to learn. Maintaining and demonstrating these base levels also helps to gain the confidence and trust of students and parents/carers. 

In contrast, failing to comply with legislation, guidance, or deliver the base levels presents an unacceptable risk to our students and instructors. Students would be at heightened risk from inadequate safeguarding measures, and or more likely to suffer an accident/injury during lessons. Our instructors would also be subject to criticism, and potential litigation. 


Our policies and rules are therefore there for everyone's benefit. Please use the drop down menu to ensure that you are familiar with the Club's policies and rules.

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