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10th Gup - 9th Gup Test Syllabus


General Requirements

Good moral character

Regular attendee at classes

Good understanding of test syllabus

Adherence to the club rules

Hand Technique (Soo Gi)

Horse riding stance, middle punch

Front stance, low block

Front stance middle punch

Leg Technique (Cha Gi)

Front stretch kick

Inside to outside kick

Outside to inside kick

Front snap kick

Hyung (Forms/Patterns)

Basic form number one (Ki Ch Hyung Il Bu) - by the count

Basic form number two (Ki Ch Hyung E Bu) - by the count

One Step Fighting (Il Soo Sik)

Not required

Self Defence (Ho Sin Sul)

Not required


Semi-sparring against a partner

Breaking (Kyok Pa)

Not required


Tang Soo Do: China knife hand

Uniform: Do Bok

Belt: Dee

Master Instructor: Sa Bom Nim

Assistant Instructor: Kyo Sa Nim

Training Hall: Dojang

Loud Shout: Ki Hap

Grade below Dan (black belt) level: Gup

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