Roadmap Out of Lockdown and Return to Training (Updated 20 July 2021)

On 19th July, The Government lifted many of the Covid restrictions throughout England.

This means that both our adult and child members will now be able to practice all elements of the Club syllabus.


While we welcome the return to some kind of normality, the Club recognises that the risk from Coronavirus has not disappeared. The Club will therefore continue to operate many of the Covid secure measures that have been in operation during the last few months.


These measures include; pre-booking lesson spaces, temperature checks, regular hand sanitising, and social distancing during lessons.


Thank you to everyone involved with the Club for your patience and support throughout the last 15 months. It has been challenging, but hopefully we emerge stronger for it.


We look forward to making the next step forward with our students in a cautious and balanced manner.


Hello 2021

Happy New Year everyone and I hope 2021 brings better times for us all.

Last year proved to be an extremely challenging year for our club. Training was restricted by the tough measures introduced to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. In true martial spirit, the club adapted though and continued to deliver lessons in a variety of ways.

Unfortunately, we are going to start 2021with yet another national lockdown. This means that all of our face to face lessons will cease until the restrictions are eased. The Club will therefore be defaulting back to delivering free Zoom lessons every week for all of its members.

We look forward to getting back to our normal training regime sometime during 2021. It is difficult to put any hard and fast plans into place at the moment but rest assured we will be returning sometime this year with a bang. In the meantime, stay safe everyone and thank you all for your continued support.


Lessons for Students Aged Under 18

Calderdale will be placed under the highest tier of Covid restrictions from 2nd December. These restrictions will continue to impact severely upon practicing martial arts. Government guidance does allow for lessons to take place for students aged under 18 though.

In accordance with this guidance the Club will be providing lessons for students under the age of 18 from Friday 4 December. These lessons will accompany our regular Zoom lessons available to all of our members.


Covid secure arrangements will remain in place for all lessons, including pre booking places and limiting class sizes.

We hope that the Tier 3 restrictions will be relaxed in West Yorkshire sooner rather than later so that the Club can default back to its regular training regime. We also thank all of our members for your continued support throughout these challenging times.

Lessons Closing Again Due to national Lockdown

On 5 November 2020, England entered a new lockdown period. Martial arts clubs together with the entire fitness and sporting industry are not exempt from the lockdown restrictions on opening. We are therefore prevented from running any live lessons until the current restrictions are lifted.


The Club is disappointed with the decision to stop grass roots sporting activities taking place in COVID secure environments. We recognise the importance leisure and recreation has not only on peoples physical health but also their mental wellbeing. This is therefore a devastating blow again for everyone interested in keeping fit and well.

We have dusted off our camera equipment again and will resume our regular online training lessons similar to what we did earlier in the year. Hopefully this will allow our members to stay active and keep in touch with each other throughout the duration of the second lockdown period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our students who returned to lessons since re-opening and their support in making our lessons COVID secure and safe for all taking part. It was fantastic to see everyone again in the flesh, after spending such a long period doing online training.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time and we hope to welcome you all back to regular lessons in the not too distant future.

In the meantime stay safe everyone, and stay tuned for further updates about resuming normal lessons again.

Further Government Guidance & Restrictions Introduced on 24th September

On 22nd September the Prime Minister addressed the nation and stated that a number of additional restrictions will be introduced to try prevent the spread of COVID 19. Initially, it looked like bad news for the martial arts sector. Following further advice from our Governing Body and clarification from the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) we have the green light to continue training.


The key statement from DCMS is, "Adults can continue to take part in outdoor organised sport and licensed physical outdoor activity in groups of more than six, provided it is organised by a national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach, business or charity; and/or involve someone who has received an official license to use equipment relevant to the activity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance."

Given that the number of Corona Virus cases are currently increasing is is vitally important that we continue with the additional COVID control measures put into place. Again, just a reminder that if you have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms you must refrain from attending lessons:

  • Fever

  • Dry cough

  • Loss of taste and/or smell

You should also refrain from attending if you feel unwell for any other reason, regardless if this is COVID related.

It's going to be another tough 6-months, but hopefully by working together and sticking to the rules we can continue to train safely.


Classes to Resume in August

Over the past few weeks the Club has been working extremely hard to ensure a safe transition back to indoor lessons. This has involved revisiting the risk assessments for our lessons and introducing additional control measures specific to the threat of Corona Virus (COVID-19). We are therefore thrilled to be able to resume our indoor lessons again from 5th August. 

Things will certainly be different, but we are confident that we can continue to deliver high quality, and enjoyable lessons for everyone.

Sadly, we will need to move away from some of our previous venues. This is simply because they are unable to provide the necessary social distancing requirements for our typical classes. We are looking forward though to training in our new venues and moving forward again.

Please remember that spaces at lessons must be pre-booked, and we cannot accept students (including new starters) who have not prearranged to attend lessons.

This should be very obvious by now, however if you have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms you must refrain from attending lessons:

  • Fever

  • Dry cough

  • Loss of taste and/or smell


This also applies if you live with or have come in close contact with anyone with these symptoms. We will be using a non-contact thermometer to check student temperatures prior to entering the training hall. We will also be working closely with our venues to support the “track and trace” scheme.


Classes to Resume Shortly

On 9th July Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport reported that gyms and leisure centres in England can resume indoor training from Saturday 25th July. This is great news and gives the green light for face to face martial arts lessons to take place again.

Reopening of venues will be in line with Government guidance. The Club is also working closely with its Governing Body and the Local Authority to ensure the safety of students when our lessons do resume.

We don't yet have the full details about how things will operate at each venue. We have however developed an Exit Strategy (ESCP) policy which highlights how we plan to make the transition back to normal lessons.

In the meantime, lease keep visiting the site for further updates.

Corona Virus Aware

Our Club is doing everything that it can to protect its members throughout the Corona Virus pandemic. This includes; undertaking "Covid Aware" training, updating our lesson risk assessments, and introducing changes to our syllabus. Please help us to help you though by following the Government guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Remember, do not attend any lessons if:

  1. You have a fever, cough, or loss of taste or smell

  2. You have not pre-arranged a lesson with us

Corona Virus Exit Strategy

On March 19th, the Club ceased delivering normal lessons. Recent relaxations in lock down sanctions together with a draft Government Road map suggest that the United Kingdom is slowly starting to return to some kind of normality. The Club has therefore developed a policy that presents how it plans to emerge from lock down arrangements and commence delivering lessons again. This policy is called the Exit-Strategy and COVID Policy and has been developed with the help of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

The national situation is still fluid, and this means that the Club will continually need to review and amend the policy. We therefore ask that all students and parents firstly, to read the current policy, and secondly revisit this site to receive notification of any amendments. As always, we encourage you all to ask  questions if you are unsure about the current, or any future content.

Please click on the link below to access the policy.


ESCP Policy

Please note that we are not resuming normal lessons yet. Our training is therefore still limited to; small outdoor training sessions, online "live" Zoom lessons and virtual lessons (available via the Members Area of this site). 

We will keep you updated of any significant changes, however in the meantime, stay safe everyone and keep in touch.

Tang Soo!

Dan Grade Promotions

Congratulations to KSNs Iain Bowen, Oskar Bowen, and Luan Thomas who received notification of their Dan grade promotions  on Monday 30th March. Iain and Oskar are both promoted to 3rd Dan Grade and Luan is promoted to 2nd Dan. 

Virtual Lessons

In response to the current restrictions imposed on sporting activities the Club is now delivering regular virtual lessons. These lessons are free to Calderdale Family Karate members and take two formats; live streamed lessons, and recorded lessons. For more details about the live streamed lessons, please contact us via the "contact us" tab or via the Club's Facebook site. The recorded lessons are all available via the Members Area of this site.

Please ensure that you are fit, and well to take part in the virtual lessons and follow the safety brief given at the start of every lesson.

Corona Virus Update - Updated 19th March 14:50

The Club is ceasing all normal lessons until further notice. We have made this decision following fresh information from the Chief Medical Officer and, because all UK schools are closing tomorrow.

I think it is commendable that several of our members want to carry on attending lessons irrespective of the situation. Your health, safety and welfare is of paramount importance to us though and this has been the driving factor in deciding to stop lessons.

Please visit the Member's Area of the Club website to access weekly virtual lessons, and our video resources.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone and keep in touch.

Tang Soo!

Corona Virus Update - Updated 18th March 19:10

All of our local authority controlled venues are now closed until further notice. This means that all of our lessons at Brighouse Swimming pool, Halifax Swimming Pool, and the Inspire centre will cease until the Centres reopen. We are endeavoring to skeleton cover deliver lessons from our one remaining venue, while abiding by Government guidance (below). The situation is extremely fluid and we may need to stop all lessons if further guidance is issued.

On 10th March, the Government released a COVID-19 action plan specifically for the sports sector. The main focus of this Action Plan is for those running local sports clubs to strongly promote, and encourage hand hygiene. Additionally, the Plan states that any equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down following use.

As a Club we have always encouraged and promoted good personal hygiene. This extends to ensuring that feet are also washed and cleaned prior to lessons - remember we train in bare feet. We have though put the following additional measures in place in response to the Government guidance:

  • Providing anti-bacterial sanitiser, and/or hand wipes for use during lessons

  • Reducing the amount of personal contact between students

  • Cleaning focus pads, strike shields, kick bags, and break boards etc. are cleaned with anti-bacterial products prior to, and following lessons

  • Encouraging students to maintain high levels of personal hygiene including; thoroughly washing their hands prior to any lessons and following use of toilet facilities, and using tissue paper to cover the face when coughing/sneezing, and dispensing used tissue paper in refuse containers (catch it, bin it, kill it)

We also remind students not to attend lessons if they are feeling unwell.

Dan Grade Promotions

On Sunday 15th December, six of our members received Dan Grade promotions. We now have three new Black Belts (1st Dan), two new Second Dan Black Belts, and SBN Sadie Greenwood received promotion to 5th Dan. Congratulations to you all.

Dan Promotions.jpg

Best of the Best Seminar with Grand Master Pak 

The Club attended a fantastic seminar on 10th November with  martial arts legend Grand Master Ho Sik Pak. GM Pak has starred in several famous martial arts movies, including Best of the Best. We all had a great time, and thank GM Pak for sharing his extensive knowledge with us.

Strong Team Performance in Manchester

There were some fantastic performances by members of the Team at the 2019 Pennine Challenge, on 28th September. The Team won 25 medals in total including 8 Gold and 11 Silver. It was particularly pleasing to see two of our newest members win Gold medals.

Outstanding Team Performance at Nott's Competition

The Club took a strong team along to the Hwa Rang European Tang Soo Do Open Competition in Sutton in Ashfield on 11th May. Our members put on a solid performance and brought home 29 medals, including 9 Gold, and 11 Silver. Again, it was fantastic to catch up with some old friends.

Dan Testing Success


Five of our members put on a fantastic display during the recent Dan testing at North Bridge Leisure Centre. We are delighted about their promotions to 1st Dan (x 3) 2nd Dan, and 3rd Dan.

New Dan Grades 2.jpg
New Dan Grades.jpg

New Class for 2019


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new class at Brighouse Swimming Pool in 2019. Lessons will commence in the fitness studio on Saturday 5th January. Lessons will be available to new and existing students every Saturday fro 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Small Team Brings Home Lots of Medals from the Hwa Rang European Open Competition


Just eight members represented the Club at the recent European Open Tournament in Nottingham. The Team did fantastically well and brought back 19 medals. This included Master Martyn Greenwood winning Gold in two of the Master grade categories. It was great to catch up with some familiar faces and to make some new friends too. 

Another Fantastic Day at the Pennine Challenge Competition


The 2018 Pennine Challenge took place on 29th September and the CFK Team delivered another solid performance. The event provided the opportunity again to catch up with clubs from our neighbouring counties.

MasterG Hwa Rang 2018.jpg
pennine challenge 2018.jpg

Success at the Worksop Tournament


The CFK Team put on another fantastic display and performance at the Multi Style Competition in Worksop on 12th May 2018. The Team won 19 medals including 7 Golds.

1st Dan Promotions


Congratulations to Claire and Ethan on their promotion to 1st Dan Black Belt. They both received their promotions following the March 2018 grading at Halifax Swimming Pool.

March 2018 Grading


Well done to everyone that tested during the March 2018 grading at Halifax Swimming Pool. Here are just a few pictures taken during the grading.

Pennine Challenge 2017


Calderdale Family Karate put out a strong team at the 2017 Pennine Challenge on 14th October. The Team did really well throughout all of the age and grade divisions. This was the first tournament for Christian, Kristian, Andy, Henry, and James. All won Gold medals in at least one category, this was replicated by some of our more experienced members. A great day out with out neighbouring clubs.

BTSDI Championships 2017


Ten members of Calderdale Family Karate attended the British Tang Soo Do Institute Competition in Cambridge on 15th July 2017. The Team did really well despite some tough groupings, and manged to win one Gold and four Bronze medals. It was a particularly good day for Craig, who took Gold in points fighting and Bronze in the Hyung section - not bad at all for his first competition.

UK Open Championships 2017


Ten members of Calderdale Family Karate took part in the UK Open Championships in Cardiff on 29th April 2017. Over 1000 people entered this competition from all around the world. The Team put on a fantastic show, against very stern opposition, bringing back two Gold and one Silver medal. Master Greenwood won Gold medal for the third time in the Masters Division.

Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do UK Invitational Chapionships


Several members of Calderdale Family Karate took part in the HRTSDUK Invitational Competition in Worksop on 11th March 2017. The Team did fantastically well winning a total of 13 medals, including five Golds.

Pennine Challenge Championships


Well done to everyone that competed at our Northern Championships (Pennine Challenge). We had a fantastic day and the team won 13 Gold, 13 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. Congratulations to Oskar, who also won the Junior Grand Champion award, Gold in the Hyung and Sparring events.

Cambridge Tournament


Well Done to everyone that took part in the BTSDI Tournament in Cambridge on 8th July. Our small team managed to bring back a few Silver medals despite tough opposition and large groupings. 

New Dan Grades


Congratulations to three of our members who have recently passed their Dan tests. Two graded to First Dan and one to Second Dan following the Dan testing on 12th May. Well Done to you all.

Dan Grade Clinic


A nice get-together on 7th May between black belts from West Yorkshire, Manchester and Lancashire. This was the second in a series of Dan Clinics running throughout the year. 

Cardiff Tournament


Well done to our small team that participated in the UK Tang Soo Do Open Championships held in Cardiff on 23rd April. The team brought back three medals for the club. 

Master Promotion


Congratulations to our Master Sadie Greenwood promoted to 4th Dan Black Belt following the Traditional Tang Soo Do International Dan Testing in October 2015. Pictured below receiving her new belt from Master Martyn Greenwood.