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1st Dan - 2nd Dan Test Syllabus

General Requirements

Good moral character

Regular attendee at classes

Providing regular assistance in running classes

Enforcing the club rules

Leading by example

Knowledge and Understanding

Demonstrate ability to conduct lessons

Hand Technique (Soo Gi)

All techniques required for previous gradings

Leg Technique (Cha Gi)

All techniques required for previous gradings

Combination one to ten

Hyung (Forms/Patterns)

Bas Ha Hee Dae

Nai Han Ji Cho Dan

Nai Han Ji E Dan

Sip Soo

E Sip Sa Bo

Chil Sung Il Ro

Chil Sung E Ro

Chil Sung Sam Ro

One Step Fighting (Il Soo Sik)

One step number nine to eighteen with a partner

Free one step with a partner

Self Defence (Ho Sin Sul)

Break-falling – forward roll, forward drop, backward drop, side roll

Throat grab followed by hook punch

Bun Hae demonstration for Pyung Ahn E Dan, and Pyung Ahn O Dan


Free sparring against a partner

Breaking (Kyok Pa)

Single board - Two separate breaking techniques one hand and one foot (candidate’s choice)


E Dan terminology test (section of grading conducted in Korean)

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