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The Club organises and runs regular grading tests. These are usually held every three-months and give students the opportunity to gain promotion to their next grade/belt. The photographs below are just a small selection taken of our students during and following recent tests.


Below are a selection of photographs of taken at training seminars. Prior to the Covid restrictions, the Club regularly attended development sessions with other Tang Soo Do groups. We have been fortunate to also train with some of the highest ranked and respected instructors. We hope that we can resume attending these types of event very soon.


These are just a few photographs of our members taken at competitions. The Club now has several champions training at all levels.

Grading/Graduation Dates

Next Grading: Saturday 15th June - Brighouse Swimming Pool


Students must be able to demonstrate ability against the relevant test requirements for each level. Current membership must be in place in order to be eligible for testing.

Family Karate in Halifax

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