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Assumption of Risk

Martial Arts carry inherent risks. During lessons, your instructor will always do what is possible to minimise these risks and mitigate the possibility of harm occurring. There are certain dangers that are unavoidable though, because of the nature of martial arts – and unarmed combat training. Practicing the techniques and exercises contained in the videos available via this website may expose you, and others to potential risks.


These include, but are not limited to; Slips, Trips, Sprains, Falls, Cuts, Abrasions, Contusions, Swelling and in some more  uncommon cases, breaks and other injuries. While the Club’s safety record is exemplary it is important that you acknowledge these risks and that you agree to assume all responsibility for them having received prior warning about them. 

Use of the video material available via the Calderdale Family Karate website is dependent upon you being in good physical condition. Using the content is subject to you having no medical reasons or impairments that may be aggravated by the physical exercises and techniques performed in any of the videos. You always have the right to stop practicing at any point should you not feel comfortable performing any set technique or exercise, and you are under no pressure to complete any drill, technique or exercise if you do not wish to.

Please ensure you’re happy to assume the inherent risks that come with training in martial arts. These risks are present when practicing remotely via virtual learning and therefore you are required to assume responsibility for these risks prior to practicing any of the exercises and/or techniques.


By accessing our videos you agree that you have read in full the above assumption of risk disclosure. You also confirm that you accept the assumption of risks as presented and do so with a clear understanding of the potential for injury or harm presented by practicing any of the physical exercises and techniques performed in any of the videos. You also acknowledge that practicing any of the physical exercises and techniques is done without warranty or guarentee. 

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